Many times, people got confused when they try to buy some domains related to countries and cities they see extra trustee fee if they are not local residents or they don’t have any businesses at those areas.

Okay, what is Trustee service in domain registration? In a nutshell, it’s a service to act the local presence for you at the specific country and cities. So you can register certain domains even you are not meeting the local registration requirements.

Also, there are two types domain local requirements: personal and business.

Now, let’s look at some examples.

.ID domain sounds cool, right? You can use it for your online ID in many aspects. But, to be realistic, this domain TLD(Top Level Domain) actually belongs to Indonesia. By the Indonesia domain registration law, you need to be an Indonesia citizen to register .ID domain. Does that mean you will never be able to have your own cool .ID domain if you are not an Indonesian?

The answer is NO. In GetYour.iD, we are providing the trustee service to make your wish come true. By paying a little fee, you will have us as your local presence in Indonesia. Then you can have your own .ID domains with no worries. Use it for whatever purpose you want, and enjoy the cheapest and finest .ID domain services we provide you.

Now, what if you want to register a .CO.ID domain because you want to have some businesses in Indonesia in the near feature? Same, you need to have a company in Indonesia by law. But if you don’t have one, we can also be the local presence for you. Just like the personal .ID domain, by paying a little trustee fee, you will get your .CO.ID domain easily.

However, not every countries allow local presence for their domains. Take Australia as example. You have to have a real local business in Australia to register .COM.AU domain.

So, don’t be surprised if sometimes you find out you need to pay extra fees to be able to register certain country or city domains if you are not local resident or you don’t have any business in those areas. If it’s not too expensive, it probably is worthwhile.