How to register hosting?

To register a hosting, you can go to page: or (if you have logged in)

  1. Find which hosting product suits you best, then click Add to Cart button
  2. The hosting will be added into your shopping cart
  3. Click Checkout button on shopping cart popover box
  4. You will be taken to Shopping Cart Configuration page
  5. Provide the domain name you want to use for  this hosting
  6. Choose the term you want with this hosting
  7. Proceed to payment page to finish the payment
  8. You will soon receive an email containing the information about your hosting include technical details

How to login to hosting cPanel

There are two ways to login to your hosting cPanel to mange your hosting. One is refer to the email you have received when your hosting was successfully created first time.

If  you want to login to cPanel from our management console:

  1. Click Hosting -> Manage to go to Manage Hosting page
  2. For each hosting in the list, there is a Login to cPanel icon
  3. Or, if you click the hosting domain name and go to Hosting Details page, there is another LOGIN TO CPANEL button
  4. From there you can directly login to your cPanel console

How to renew hosting

You can renew your hosting any time before it expires.

To renew your hosting:

  1. Click Hosting -> Manage to go to Manage Hosting page
  2. Select hosting products you want to renew
  3. Click RENEW button to add those hosting products into shopping cart
  4. Different from purchasing new hosting, you don’t need to type in domain names for renewing hosting
  5. Choose terms in Shopping Cart page then go to Payment page
  6. You will receive an email about successful renewal soon after

What is Hosting Expiry Date?

Every web hosting will have an expiry date based on how long the hosting service or package is registered for. You are required to renew your hosting service prior to the expiry date in order to maintain your website and email accounts (if you setup one). Otherwise, your hosting service will expire and your website will go offline and emails will not work.

If your hosting service has expired for more than 30 days, the content for your website and emails be deleted and will not be restorable.

What is a Hosting?

Hosting is normally refer to a web hosting or website hosting. A web hosting service is a service that allow you to have a space in the internet to build and upload your website. Simply put, if you want to have a website for your domain name, you will need to purchase web hosting service or package for your domain. GetYour.iD offers one of the best hosting service and package starting from just $1 dollar per month.