A Two Step Authentication validates your account credentials plus using a single-use code generated on your smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android system before you can successfully login.

You will need to download and install ‘Authenticator’ software like ‘Google Authenticator’ to your iPhone, iPad , Samsung mobile, or any devices running Android OS which is available as FREE download from iTunes store or Google Play store.

This is a time-based generated unique code from your Authenticator software to promote a strong authentication method.

To enable 2-step authentication:

  • Click on Account -> Two Step Authentication
  • If the status if OFF, click on ENABLE button
  • In the popup modal, you will see a QR code and a serial number
  • Use Google Authenticator on your mobile to scan the QR code, or manually type in the serial number
  • After you added the account in Google Authenticator, you start to see a 6 digit number changing every minute
  • Manually type the 6 digit number in Google Authenticator into the textfield below the QR code and serial number in the popup modal in the console and click VALIDATE button
  • Now the Two Step Authentication is turned on