If you are not happy with your current domain registrar, you might need to consider transferring your domains out of them and transferring in to us.

Before the transfer, you need to sort something out from your current domain registrar first, such as

  1. Unlock your domain to be transferred out.
  2. Obtain the Auth Code of your domain.

After that, transferring domain names to our system is easy:

  1. Go to https://www.getyour.id/domain/transfer-domains
  2. Type in your domain and Auth Code in the text area. If you don’t have the Auth Code now, you still can issue an transfer while getting the Auth Code afterwards. Your currently domain registrar will have to give it to you by law.
  3. Click the Transfer button besides the text area. You will see the status of your domain is “OK to Transfer”.
  4. Click “Add To Cart” button. Then your domain transfer is added into shopping cart. You can view your shopping cart items by clicking the shopping cart link/button at the top right corner of the web page.
  5. Click “Checkout” button in the shopping cart popup. You will be redirected to Login page. If you are already our customer, ignore the Signup steps.
  6. Click “Account Signup” button on Login page, you can create an account  there.
  7. After you filling the basic signup information, you will be logged in to our management console.
  8. To continue with your first shopping, you need to provide a bit more details about yourself such as address, etc.
  9. Then you can go to Shopping Cart page via the side menu (top menu in mobile phone).
  10. After confirming the configuration of your domain, you will be redirected to payment page.
  11. After successful payment(credit card, Paypal or prepaid), we will process your order immediately. If we need any extra information from you, we will send you emails.
  12. You probably will be contact by your current domain registrar about this transfer. Just let them know you want to transfer out. There should be no stopping for you. And remember to check the inbox of your email used by your current registrar.

If you have any troubles during the transferring, let us know. Our friendly staff will help you through.