You can choose to setup a prepaid account as your payment profile and use the “Top Up” facility to add fund into it. Once account is setup and fund is added, this prepaid payment option will be added automatically as your payment option during checkout process. You may also setup a threshold amount for your account balance in order for a reminder notification to be sent out when your balance is running close to the threshold specified.

To top up your prepaid account credit:

  1. Click Account -> Payment Profile
  2. In the PREPAID ACCOUNT section, you can check your remain balance and top up more credits in
  3. Type the amount you want to top up then click TOP UP button
  4. In the popup payment modal, choose your way to pay
  5. After successful payment, you can see the new balance at PREPAID ACCOUNT section

You can also set up a threshold for top up reminder. By default the threshold will be at 0 dollar and you can set any amount into your threshold. Once it is set, a reminder notification will be sent out to your registered email address with us when your balance is running close or lower than the threshold amount.