How to top up prepaid account credit?

You can choose to setup a prepaid account as your payment profile and use the “Top Up” facility to add fund into it. Once account is setup and fund is added, this prepaid payment option will be added automatically as your payment option during checkout process. You may also setup a threshold amount for your account balance in order for a reminder notification to be sent out when your balance is running close to the threshold specified.

To top up your prepaid account credit:

  1. Click Account -> Payment Profile
  2. In the PREPAID ACCOUNT section, you can check your remain balance and top up more credits in
  3. Type the amount you want to top up then click TOP UP button
  4. In the popup payment modal, choose your way to pay
  5. After successful payment, you can see the new balance at PREPAID ACCOUNT section

You can also set up a threshold for top up reminder. By default the threshold will be at 0 dollar and you can set any amount into your threshold. Once it is set, a reminder notification will be sent out to your registered email address with us when your balance is running close or lower than the threshold amount.

How to enable Two Step Authentication?

A Two Step Authentication validates your account credentials plus using a single-use code generated on your smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android system before you can successfully login.

You will need to download and install ‘Authenticator’ software like ‘Google Authenticator’ to your iPhone, iPad , Samsung mobile, or any devices running Android OS which is available as FREE download from iTunes store or Google Play store.

This is a time-based generated unique code from your Authenticator software to promote a strong authentication method.

To enable 2-step authentication:

  • Click on Account -> Two Step Authentication
  • If the status if OFF, click on ENABLE button
  • In the popup modal, you will see a QR code and a serial number
  • Use Google Authenticator on your mobile to scan the QR code, or manually type in the serial number
  • After you added the account in Google Authenticator, you start to see a 6 digit number changing every minute
  • Manually type the 6 digit number in Google Authenticator into the textfield below the QR code and serial number in the popup modal in the console and click VALIDATE button
  • Now the Two Step Authentication is turned on

How to change password

You can change your account password at anytime if you are required or feel the need to change it. To do so, click Account -> Change Password.

You need to provide your current password before you are able to change it.

How to set default currency, contact and nameservers

To set default currency, contact and nameservers for your account, click on Account -> Set Defaults to go to Set Defaults page.

In this page, you can choose your default currency. Once your default currency is selected and saved, you will not be able to change it again and you also can’t choose to view websites in another currency. To change your default currency, you will need to contact our support. To view the front site in another currency, you can logout and choose other currencies to view the site.

Your default contact will be used as default whenever you make a domain purchase in the future. Of course you can always use another contact during the shopping cart configuration.

Your default nameservers will be used as default whenever you make a domain purchase in the future. Also, you can always other nameservers  during the shopping cart configuration. You can also choose to use our nameservers as your default nameservers. It’s totally free and you will be able to setup your own DNS records there for free.


How to setup account details, billing address and alternative email

To setup your account details, billing address and alternative email, click on Account -> Account Profiles. In Account Profiles page, you can update your account and address details, setup your billing address, and provide an alternative email in case the primary email does not working sometimes.

When you first signup, you will need to complete your account details on this page before you can make any purchase. Your account details will be used for your default contact if you haven’t created an contact yet.

How to register hosting?

To register a hosting, you can go to page: or (if you have logged in)

  1. Find which hosting product suits you best, then click Add to Cart button
  2. The hosting will be added into your shopping cart
  3. Click Checkout button on shopping cart popover box
  4. You will be taken to Shopping Cart Configuration page
  5. Provide the domain name you want to use for  this hosting
  6. Choose the term you want with this hosting
  7. Proceed to payment page to finish the payment
  8. You will soon receive an email containing the information about your hosting include technical details

How to login to hosting cPanel

There are two ways to login to your hosting cPanel to mange your hosting. One is refer to the email you have received when your hosting was successfully created first time.

If  you want to login to cPanel from our management console:

  1. Click Hosting -> Manage to go to Manage Hosting page
  2. For each hosting in the list, there is a Login to cPanel icon
  3. Or, if you click the hosting domain name and go to Hosting Details page, there is another LOGIN TO CPANEL button
  4. From there you can directly login to your cPanel console

How to renew hosting

You can renew your hosting any time before it expires.

To renew your hosting:

  1. Click Hosting -> Manage to go to Manage Hosting page
  2. Select hosting products you want to renew
  3. Click RENEW button to add those hosting products into shopping cart
  4. Different from purchasing new hosting, you don’t need to type in domain names for renewing hosting
  5. Choose terms in Shopping Cart page then go to Payment page
  6. You will receive an email about successful renewal soon after

How to edit domain contacts

The contact book contains the list of your domain contact profiles and information. It is important to at least have one contact profile in the list before you can register a domain name.

  1. Click Domain -> Contact Book
  2. You can add, update and delete contact
  3. If the contact is your default contact or being used for any existing domain, you will not be able to delete this contact

The phone number has to be in format as +[CountryCode].[AreaCode][Number]

Don’t forget  the “.” between country code and area code