Two-Step Authentication

No one can access your account without your smartphone and the best thing is available FREE for you. Technology powered by Google Authenticator.

Two-Step Authentication will upgrade the level of security to your GetYour.iD account. When this Two-Step Authentication is enabled in your account, you will be required to enter a single-use code that is time-based generated by the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone after you login with your username and password.

Secure and protect your domain portfolio in your account now and it's totally FREE!

Setup Two-Step Authentication Now

Two-Step Authentication

The Google Authenticator app on your smartphone will automatically generate a unique security code in every 30 seconds. This is a single-use code only valid for 30 seconds before a new code is generated again.

This additional layer of security certainly gives you peace of mind that no one is able to access your account without first gain access to your smartphone.

Google Authenticator App

Download Google Authenticator App

You can choose from one of the following app stores to download Google Authenticator app.

Apple App Store Google Play Store

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