Transfer Domains

Our transfer form has been developed to be as much informative as possible with capability to identify the status of your domain name first hand before you proceed and ensure the smooth and painless transfer process to your account with us. Getting ready to transfer your domains from current registrar to GetYour.iD. Simply copy and paste your list of domains and EPP Auth Codes separated by semi-colon ";" into the transfer form below.


Transfer Your Domains

How Transfer works?

step 1 unlock domain prior to transfer request

Prepare Your Domain

Ensure your domain is not in Transfer Lock status and has been registered for more than 60 days with the current registrar. Also check and confirm valid email address listed as the domain admin contact.

step 2 request domain transfer

Request Transfer

Submit domain transfer request using the transfer form above

step 3 approve domain transfer via email

Approve Transfer

Transfer approval email will be sent to the domain admin contact email address

step 4 transfer complete

Transfer Complete

To complete the transfer process, you and the current registrar must approve the transfer request sent out in the email. Once approved, the domain will be active in your account.

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