According to ICANN regulations whenever a domain is registered, ICANN requires to store and maintain accurate detail of the contact information such as person name, organisation name, address, phone number and email address for the registered domain. This is often called WHOIS information that is available publicly from WHOIS Search engine.

That means for those who have registered domain name(s) will have their personal information made available to anyone who requests the information through a WHOIS Search engine database. If this makes you think and wonder about the security of your personal information being exposed, we encourage you to read further and consider about our SECURED.iD WHOIS Privacy service below.


WHOIS Privacy to protect your privacy

First thing first, our WHOIS Privacy service is FREE! It is FREE FOREVER not for the first year only for as long as your domain stays with us. The WHOIS Privacy service is used to mask and protect your personal information like your name, address where you are located, contact phone number and email address from publicly available through WHOIS Search engine.

The details of our SECURED.iD Privacy are used to replace your private information and made available on request via the public WHOIS database. When WHOIS Privacy service is enabled, you are still the legal owner of the domain name and have the full ownership and right to delegate, update or transfer your domain.

Privacy Unprotected and Exposed

How to Turn On WHOIS Privacy for your domain

WHOIS Privacy service is available free for all our GetYour.iD customers based on the regulation by each registry operator that manage the domain extensions. By default, WHOIS Privacy is OFF. You can Turn ON WHOIS Privacy for your domain by choosing the Privacy option when you register or after your domain name is registered by logging into your account.

Benefits of using our WHOIS Privacy service:
Totally FREE for as long as your domain stays with us
Keep your personal information off from public viewing
Protect your identity from online privacy theft
Includes FREE email redirection service to your actual email

Privacy Protected

Domain Extensions Support WHOIS Privacy

WHOIS Privacy service is available based on the registry's regulation for the domain extensions.

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