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We have domain extensions or new TLDs which does not belong to any category and outside of the scope. In the sense that is a free domain name with the freedom to use your domain name in your own creativity and you can define the future innovation to it. We certainly have the choices for you to start owning your cool domain name from our Others domain category.

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This is not just another web address. It is your web identity. With a new range of domain extensions, you can make your hobby more memorable (coolvintage.bike), show your profession (i-am-a.lawyer) and be more specific (blackflat.coffee). Get your web identity now!

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It is about doing every little thing brilliantly. We have taken the grand concept and ideas into making the best domain management system available in the world. We believe our management platform will change the way you manage your domains. You will experience it first-hand on how easy to have your domain names organized for personal or business needs with us.


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We are humbled by our customer’s loyalty and support for us. Hence, we are always looking for ways to reward you in any way we could. This is one of them. Whenever you extend the stay of your domains with us for multiple years ahead, we will give you discount on the renewal rate.

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