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How to register hosting?

To register a hosting, you can go to page: or (if you have logged in) Find which hosting product suits you best, then click Add to Cart button The hosting will be added into your shopping cart Click Checkout button on shopping cart popover box You will be taken to Shopping Cart Configuration page Provide […]

How to setup account details, billing address and alternative email

To setup your account details, billing address and alternative email, click on Account -> Account Profiles. In Account Profiles page, you can update your account and address details, setup your billing address, and provide an alternative email in case the primary email does not working sometimes. When you first signup, you will need to complete your account […]

How to top up prepaid account credit?

You can choose to setup a prepaid account as your payment profile and use the “Top Up” facility to add fund into it. Once account is setup and fund is added, this prepaid payment option will be added automatically as your payment option during checkout process. You may also setup a threshold amount for your […]

How to enable Two Step Authentication?

A Two Step Authentication validates your account credentials plus using a single-use code generated on your smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android system before you can successfully login. You will need to download and install ‘Authenticator’ software like ‘Google Authenticator’ to your iPhone, iPad , Samsung mobile, or any devices running Android OS which […]

How to change password

You can change your account password at anytime if you are required or feel the need to change it. To do so, click Account -> Change Password. You need to provide your current password before you are able to change it.

How to set default currency, contact and nameservers

To set default currency, contact and nameservers for your account, click on Account -> Set Defaults to go to Set Defaults page. In this page, you can choose your default currency. Once your default currency is selected and saved, you will not be able to change it again and you also can’t choose to view websites […]

How to restore domains?

Restore domain facility is available for domains that have expired and still in redemption period. Also, the restore function will be converted to a re-registration if the expired domain has been released back to the public and if no one else has registered it yet. To restore your domains Click on Domain -> Restore on the […]

How to renew domains?

When your domains are about expiring, you can choose to renew your domains Click on Domain -> Renew on the main navigation menu You will see a list of domains about to be expired Choose the domain names you want to renew now, then click the RENEW button Domains you have chosen will be added into […]

Is there a Free Website Builder available with the hosting?

Yes. Free website builder is available through our hosting package starting from PRO hosting package and above.

Does hosting provide Access to Webmail?

Yes. Our hosting will provide you with a cPanel access and you can login to your cPanel account and setup your webmail access from there.

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