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Does hosting come with Email Accounts?

Yes. All of our hosting packages include email account. Starting from the very minimum of 5 email accounts allowed for our $1 dollar hosting GetYou.Online package.

What is Hosting Expiry Date?

Every web hosting will have an expiry date based on how long the hosting service or package is registered for. You are required to renew your hosting service prior to the expiry date in order to maintain your website and email accounts (if you setup one). Otherwise, your hosting service will expire and your website […]

Is there an Addon Domain feature available with the hosting?

Yes. Addon Domain feature is only available for PRO hosting package with up to 5 Addon Domain and unlimited Addon Domain for Business and Enterprise hosting packages.

What does domain Auto Renewal mean?

Domain auto renewal is a feature that allows your domain name to be automatically renewed by the system without manually requesting a domain renewal. The auto renewal will be submitted 7 days before the expiry date of the domain name. This option will only work when you have created a Prepaid Credit in your GetYour.iD […]

How to change language of the site?

To change the display language of the website on both front site( and management site( Click on the language icon at the top navigation menu In the pop up modal box, choose the language you want to use We currently support English, Chinese and Indonesia languages

How to change currency of the site?

To change the pricing currency on both front site( and management site( Click on the dollar note icon at the top navigation menu On the pop up modal box, choose the currency you want to use If you have already set up your default currency at , you can’t change it to other currency any more once […]

What does Trustee or Local Presence mean in domain registration?

Many times, people got confused when they try to buy some domains related to countries and cities they see extra trustee fee if they are not local residents or they don’t have any businesses at those areas. Okay, what is Trustee service in domain registration? In a nutshell, it’s a service to act the local presence […]

How to transfer domain names

If you are not happy with your current domain registrar, you might need to consider transferring your domains out of them and transferring in to us. Before the transfer, you need to sort something out from your current domain registrar first, such as Unlock your domain to be transferred out. Obtain the Auth Code of your domain. […]

How to check prepaid related transaction history?

To check your prepaid related transactions, click Account -> Prepaid Transaction. You can view a list of prepaid transaction history. It includes credit top up transactions and purchase/refund transactions made by prepaid credit.  

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