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What does domain Free Parking mean?

Domain free parking is when your domain name is hosted at our nameservers temporarily while you are building your own nameservers or trying to figure out what nameservers to use. Most of the domains are set to free parking during the registration process as recommended option due to in some cases, it will speed up […]

What is Domain Nameserver?

Domain nameserver is a hostname server where you can delegate your domain name to host your website online or email hosting. Every domain name must have two hostname servers as their primary domain nameservers in order to have their domain name resolves in the internet and fully functional to host a website and connect emails […]

What is a Domain Contact?

Domain contact is a contact detail required to register for a domain name. Generally, there are four type of contacts required such as Registrant, Admin, Billing and Technical contacts. Therefore, you will notice that every domain registration application will ask for these four type of contacts details.

What is MX record?

MX record is a mail exchanger record that exists as a type of resource record in your domain DNS record. This record is to specify a mail sever responsible for accepting email messages on behalf of a recipient’s domain. It has a priority value to prioritize the mail delivery if you are operating with multiple […]

What is a Hosting?

Hosting is normally refer to a web hosting or website hosting. A web hosting service is a service that allow you to have a space in the internet to build and upload your website. Simply put, if you want to have a website for your domain name, you will need to purchase web hosting service […]

How to renew hosting

You can renew your hosting any time before it expires. To renew your hosting: Click Hosting -> Manage to go to Manage Hosting page Select hosting products you want to renew Click RENEW button to add those hosting products into shopping cart Different from purchasing new hosting, you don’t need to type in domain names […]

How to login to hosting cPanel

There are two ways to login to your hosting cPanel to mange your hosting. One is refer to the email you have received when your hosting was successfully created first time. If  you want to login to cPanel from our management console: Click Hosting -> Manage to go to Manage Hosting page For each hosting in […]

How to edit domain contacts

The contact book contains the list of your domain contact profiles and information. It is important to at least have one contact profile in the list before you can register a domain name. Click Domain -> Contact Book You can add, update and delete contact If the contact is your default contact or being used for any […]

How to categorize domains

Using portfolio setup will help you to better manage your domains in a category and folder model. Especially, when you have a large number of domain names, you will never lose your domain name again. To set up portfolio, click on Domain -> Portfolio to go to Manage Portfolio page. In this page you can add, […]

How to register multiple bulk domains at once?

If you have already got a few domain names you are planning to register, and want to check the availability of them at one go to save time, you can try our Bulk Domain Registration page. Go to Type in your multiple domains line by line in the text area Click Search button Add […]

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