Layanan Pendaftaran Nama Domain Terbaik

Fitur Terbaik

Tahunan pengalaman kami digabungkan dengan keterampilan kami untuk memberikan Anda sistem teknologi domain terbaik yang kami bangun in-house. Menjadikan itu sebagai fleksibilitas dan keunggulan kami dalam menyediakan fasilitas pelayanan kontrol panel Dashboard yang tangguh berserta Dua Langkah Proses Registrasi dan Pembayaran yang mudah dan terpercaya.


SECURED.iD adalah cara kami dalam menerapkan sekuriti untuk memastikan keamanan portofolio domain Anda. Juga menghormati informasi pribadi Anda, agar tidak dipublikasikan. Upaya kami menjalankan proses sekuriti untuk menjamin keamanan Anda melalukan transaksi adalah prioritas nomor satu yang tidak bisa kami abaikan. Kami percaya securiti wajib tersedia bagi Anda.

Layanan Unggul

Komitmen kami untuk keunggulan pelayanan telah diakui dan setara dengan sesama industri online kelas dunia. Kami dengan senang hati untuk berinteraksi dengan pelanggan kami dan membantu mereka dalam setiap langkah perjalanannya untuk mendirikan nama atau merek online. Layanan unggul kami adalah era baru bagi pengalaman Anda dalam dunia industri domain online.

Fitur Handal dan Gratis

FREE DNS Service

With every registered domain, you can use our DNS Records Management Service to set where your domain or subdomains will resolve.

FREE Domain Parking

When you are not sure which nameservers you want your domain to be pointed to, you can always Free Park your domain name with us.

FREE Domain Redirection

With every domain registered, you can redirect your domain name to any website with available option of Permanent Redirection (301) or Temporary Redirection (302).

FREE 2 Step Authentication

No one can access your account without your smartphone. This provides higher security level for your acocunt and it's absolutely FREE for you.

FREE Contact Update

There will be no charge for you to update your domain contacts such as Registrant, Admin, Billing or Technical unless otherwise there is a fee enforced by registry.


We offer Domain WHOIS Privacy for every domain registered with us unless otherwise prohibited by registry rules and privacy policy.

FREE Domain Support

We are the Domain Veterans and we are ready to help you in every step of the way to look after your Domain Names with us.

FREE Hosting Support

Our Hosting Expert is always available to help you no matter how big or small your hosting problem without additional charge.

Klien Kami

“Wow, what a cool service. This is like uber cool! You guys are amazing! We will DEFINETLY continue to use your service.”
Prague, Czech Republic

“Their professional technical support team has a great understanding and knowledge in the DNS service and it's FREE!”
Jakarta, Indonesia

“Fast and reliable approach in transferring our domain name from previous domain registrar. It was a pleasant experience and no down time to our website. Their friendly customer support team was very helpful and patiently explaining the domain industry terms to a business like us so we could understand well.”

Lucy Lu, Founder of Phoenix Travel & Tourism
Shanghai, China - Melbourne, Australia

“Helpful and amazing support team that is passionate to help above and beyond. They helped to suggest the perfect hosting package for me that is suitable for my need without paying too much. Their knowledge in the industry is a Top-Notch!”

Arina Karen, Graphic Designer of Oglivy
Jakarta, Indonesia

“Everything works seamlessly for my domains and hosting.” Wonderful customer support service!
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

“It took a slightly longer time to register my premium .ID domain name but the customer support team kept me informed about the situation professionally and eventually I got my domain. Perfect!”
Madrid, Spain

“Very nice and professional GUI. It is now FUN to manage my domains with their intuitive domain management console. It made my life easier.”

Marco Chan, System Admin of Yantin FMC
Hong Kong

“Brilliant service, valueable advice from the expert in the industry to secure our domain name”

Ron Gates, Founder of AusFun Australian Adventure Club
Melbourne, Australia

Kenapa Memilih Servis Kami

GetYour.iD offers full suite of domain services with 700 plus Domain Extensions Available Worldwide for Registration and Management Portal that Works for Domain Transfers, Domain Renewal and Domain WHOIS Privacy Service. The total number of domain extensions we manage, includes Global Top Level Domains (gTLDs), Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) and New Top Level Domains (nTLDs). All services available at a very Competitive Price. We made all the effort to build and implement a higher Standard of Security level by providing a Two-Step Authentication for customer accounts. In addtion to that, our Customer Service and Support Team are the Experts in the fields and they are dedicated to work with you promptly and efficiently.

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